We Are Almost Done With Our Website Version 1.0

First post!

It is my pleasure to announce that development of this website is nearing its end. When I started the years of research that led to the formulas we have today, I would not have imagined that the road taken would be so far. But even when this website will be fully done in a few days, and trials will start to be given out to users, and the formulas being released, there is still a much longer path to take.

Things have only just begun

Perhaps I should make a picture detailing our roadmap, however, that is for once the website is fully done. We have much bigger plans than what we have now. We will develop our own trading platform, where users can chart directly on our website. On top of that, they will be able to send signals to their bots from multiple exchanges, again, directly from the website. Development of this project will take a long time. I estimate it will be fully launched in the by the summer of 2023.

But that’s not all of it

On top of our future development plans to fully transform Learn Trading Crypto into a platform, we also wish to intensify our A.I. research. Currently, we are guiding the AI to perform strategy research, however, it is also in the pipelines to have a fully automated A.I. research network one day, allowing us to run many more simulations, and thus analyze far more markets for algorithmic learning.

I look forward to bringing you more news soon, such as the official start of the ability to trial our software.

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