Some Of Our Projects


Humanized Strategy Research


Strategy testing is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of a particular investment or trading strategy. This can involve using historical data to backtest the strategy and see how it would have performed under different market conditions. Strategy testing can also involve forward testing, which involves applying the strategy to real-time market data to see how it performs in the current market environment.

Custom strategy testing requests refer to the process of working with clients to develop and test strategies that are tailored to their specific investment or trading goals and objectives. This can involve working with the client to understand their risk tolerance, time horizon, and other factors that may influence their approach to investing or trading, and then developing and testing a strategy that aligns with these goals and constraints.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy Research


We use artificial intelligence (AI) to run backtest simulations of investment and trading strategies. This involves using AI algorithms to analyze large amounts of historical data and identify patterns that may be indicative of future market movements.

To run a backtest simulation, we first collect and clean a dataset of historical market data, such as stock prices, exchange rates, or other relevant indicators. We then use this data to train an AI model to recognize patterns that may be relevant to the strategy we are testing.

Once the AI model is trained, we can use it to simulate how the strategy would have performed over the course of the historical data. This allows us to evaluate the strategy’s profitability and risk profile under different market conditions, and make adjustments as needed to optimize its performance.

Overall, our use of AI in strategy testing allows us to quickly and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of different investment and trading approaches, and make informed decisions about which strategies are likely to be most successful in the future.


Free Optimized Live Bitcoin Charts

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